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Trimming Capacitors- Friday, January 31, 2014

A capacitor is an electrical device characterized by its capacity to store an electrical charge. A trimming capacitor is a type of capacitor that has variable capacitance and allows for fine adjustments. While the capacitance of a trimming capacitor is set during the initial build of an application, these variable capacitors may be intentionally changed mechanically or electronically.

In order to change the capacitance of a trimming capacitor, it is important to understand their physical make up. Trimming capacitors contain two conductive plates and a dielectric. The two conductive plates surround the dielectric. By moving, shifting or alternating one of the conductive plates; any desired capacitance within the physical dimensions may be achieved.

Trimming capacitors are often used when size and performance is critical. Often time, they are found in LC Circuits, which are used for generating or identifying a particular frequency. Electronic devices, such as radio equipment, are examples of applications where you may find trimming capacitors.

Wire Pro Inc (WPI)- Friday, January 31, 2014

WPI manufacturers one of the industry’s largest offerings of industrial, commercial and military connectors and cable assemblies. For over 30 years, WPI’s quality has been an industry standard. WPI products are designed and manufactured to be reliable and consistent in extreme environmental conditions. As a result of this quality, WPI connectors can be found in markets such as under sea oil exploration and production, military communications and medical equipment.

          Standard Radio can provide you with WPI product. Our philosophy is to have what you need in stock. We have built up our extensive inventory of WPI product based on market research and by our sales history.

          Some of the applications that are ideal for WPI connectors are communications equipment. The audio connectors are designed to perform in extreme environmental conditions. The 77/78/86 series plugs and sockets are the audio and broadcast industry standard against which all other brands are compared. The 80/91 series are quite possibly the best microphone connectors made.

WPI’s filtered connectors are designed to control electro magnetic interference (EMI) and radio frequency interference (RFI). Manufacturers of medical equipment chose WPI connectors because of their reliability. Test equipment and industrial controls use WPI products because of their durability.

If you are using Wire Pro product then you should be buying them from Standard Radio. If you are not currently using WPI product but would like to buy a quality product still made in the USA that check the WPI offering and contact us. You will be glad you did.

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High Capacitance High Voltage Tantalum Capacitors- Thursday, January 30, 2014

Foil tantalum capacitors can come in polarized or non-polarized varieties. The foil comes in two styles: etched and plain. These capacitors can be found with operating voltage up to 300 volts and capacitance as high as 580uF (micro Farads.) Foil tantalum capacitors will work in temperatures from -55°C to 85°C and even up to 125°C with a derated voltage.

You can get high capacitance and high voltage in a small case when you use foil tantalum capacitors. When you need high reliability along with high voltage or high capacitance MIL-C-3965 foil tantalum capacitor can be your answer.

To order

CL20/21 = Polarized Etched Foil
CL22/23 = Non- Polarized Etched Foil
CL24/25 = Polarized Etched Foil
CL26/27 = Non- Polarized Etched Foil
CL30/31 = Polarized Etched Foil
CL32/33 = Non- Polarized Etched Foil

The voltage code for MIL-C-3965 capacitors is as follows:
B = 6V
C = 8V
D = 10V
E = 15V
F = 20V
G = 25V
H = 30V
J = 50V
K = 60V
L = 75V
M = 90V
N = 100V
Q = 125V
Z = 200V
O = 250V
X = 300V

At Standard Radio you will find the world’s largest and most diversified inventory of tantalum capacitors including foil tantalum with small size and very stable long life. 

CP05 – CP09 Military Capacitors- Thursday, January 30, 2014


The world’s largest inventory of off the shelf capacitors as Standard Radio. These military snubber capacitors work well in military and commercial equipment. These capacitors are hermetically sealed for use in rugged audio applications, will withstand 250 hours of voltage rating of 1.4 times rated voltage. These oil capacitors come in voltages 100V, 200V, 400V, 600V and 1000V.

When looking to order these high temperature capacitors (up to 125 °C) use the following part numbering break down:


CP05A1KB104K3 – Type: Extended Foil
CP05A1KB104K3 – Case: Floating
CP05A1KB104K3 – Operating Temperature: 125 °C
CP05A1KB104K3 – Voltage: 100V
CP05A1KB104K3 – Capacitance: 100000pF or 0.1uF
CP05A1KB104K3 – Tolerance: 10%
CP05A1KB104K3 – Vibration Testing: 3

Use the following codes to build part number:

CP04, CP05 = Extended Foil
CP08, CP09 = Inserted Tab
1 = Floating Case
3 = Grounded Case
Operating Temperature:
K = 125 °C
E = 85 °C
B = 100V
C = 200V
E = 400V
F = 600V
G = 1000V
First two digits are significant digits. Third digit is a multiplier. For example 123 stands for 12 times 10 to the power of 3 or 12000pF.
J = 5%
K = 10%
M = 20%

The military has been using these American made oil capacitors since the 1950’s with fantastic results. Great pricing can be found at Standard Radio as well as the world’s largest inventory. Over 100,000 square feet of the best electronic components.