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CP05 – CP09 Military Capacitors- Thursday, January 30, 2014


The world’s largest inventory of off the shelf capacitors as Standard Radio. These military snubber capacitors work well in military and commercial equipment. These capacitors are hermetically sealed for use in rugged audio applications, will withstand 250 hours of voltage rating of 1.4 times rated voltage. These oil capacitors come in voltages 100V, 200V, 400V, 600V and 1000V.

When looking to order these high temperature capacitors (up to 125 °C) use the following part numbering break down:


CP05A1KB104K3 – Type: Extended Foil
CP05A1KB104K3 – Case: Floating
CP05A1KB104K3 – Operating Temperature: 125 °C
CP05A1KB104K3 – Voltage: 100V
CP05A1KB104K3 – Capacitance: 100000pF or 0.1uF
CP05A1KB104K3 – Tolerance: 10%
CP05A1KB104K3 – Vibration Testing: 3

Use the following codes to build part number:

CP04, CP05 = Extended Foil
CP08, CP09 = Inserted Tab
1 = Floating Case
3 = Grounded Case
Operating Temperature:
K = 125 °C
E = 85 °C
B = 100V
C = 200V
E = 400V
F = 600V
G = 1000V
First two digits are significant digits. Third digit is a multiplier. For example 123 stands for 12 times 10 to the power of 3 or 12000pF.
J = 5%
K = 10%
M = 20%

The military has been using these American made oil capacitors since the 1950’s with fantastic results. Great pricing can be found at Standard Radio as well as the world’s largest inventory. Over 100,000 square feet of the best electronic components.