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Tantalum Prices on the Rise- Tuesday, February 5, 2013 has recently reported that the price of tantalum, a precious metal, is on the rise. Several manufacturer’s of capacitors use tantalum as a dielectric because they are known to have high capacitance per volume and weight. Tantalum capacitors are also known to have lower equivalent series resistance (ESR), lower leakage and higher operating temperature than other capacitors. Currently, the price of tantalum is approximately $125 - $130 per pound; up from $100 per pound a year ago. While the price of tantalum has been volatile in the past, analyst are now predicting a 5% growth per year through 2020.


King of Capacitors- Tuesday, February 5, 2013

R&J Components, “The King of Capacitors,” has over 1.2 Billion Capacitors in stock and ready to ship. We stock almost every style of capacitor including, but not limited to; AC Motor run/Motor start, Aluminum Electrolytic, Ceramic, Dipped Mica, Film, Glass and Tantalum. R&J Components is franchised for such manufacturers as Arizona Capacitor, GE, Illinois Capacitor and Nichicon. Moreover, we stock well known brands such as AVX, Cornell Dubilier, Kemet and Vishay. Our product specialists are available to search the specifications you are looking for and offer parts that will help you get the job done. As always, R&J Components is interested in saving your company time and money.

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Cooper Bussmann- Tuesday, February 5, 2013

For over 90 years, Cooper Bussmann has manufactured fuses for the Electrical, Electronics, Wireless, Transportation and Consumer markets. Today, Copper Bussmann sets the standard in circuit protection. As a franchised distributor of Cooper Bussmann, R&J Components Corporation and their experienced product specialists can offer a wide variety of Cooper Bussmann products to help you with your application. Passive components, such as fuses, remain one of R&J Components’ strengths and we will work to cross reference other manufacturer part numbers and offer alternates in order to save you time and money.

Oil-Filled Capacitors- Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Oil-Filled capacitors have been used in a variety of applications for many years. They are most often used in high current and/or high voltage applications. Oil-filled capacitors are large in size when compared to other styles of capacitors because oil is a much thicker dielectric. In most oil-filled capacitors, the plates and dielectric are rolled tightly, insulated and sealed in a metal or glass container. Oil-filled is a commonly used term for any capacitor using a liquid filler to enhance the dielectric. Many types of oils have been used over the years, from mineral oil to synthetic oils. The addition of oil to the capacitor will improve its power factor. It is also used to cool the capacitor. Standard Radio has access to all of the major manufacturers of this type of capacitor as well as one of the industries largest inventories of oil-filled capacitors. Remember Standard Radio is a great source for every style of capacitor.

Common Applications of Oil-Filled Capacitors

Commutation/Snubber Energy Storage Filtering Induction Motor Run/ Motor Start Power Factor Correction Pulse

Popular Manufacturers

Arizona Capacitors, Aerovox, Cornell Dubilier (CDE), General Electric, High Energy Corp, Mallory, NWL, Plastic Capacitor