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Power Connectors / Cinch-Jones Plugs & Sockets - Monday, June 1, 2015

Power connectors are reliable with the ability to support high current and when  mating and unmating are required, all at an affordable price.  They are manufactured by Cinch. They were also made by Vernitron Beau who was acquired by Molex. 

  • Applications include:
  • Data Processing Controls
  • Medical Equipment
  • Industrial Controls
  • Communication Equipment.
  • Amusement and vending machines

These connectors are offered in two series 300 and 2400 with a variety of cable and panel mounting options.


  • 300 series:
      • Current rated at 10 amps                                                        
      • Voltage: 250VAC
      • Sizes 2 to 33 contacts
      • Polarized to prevent incorrect insertion
      • Used in light and medium applications
      • Beau equivalent series is 3300
      • Part # example:  Cinch P-308-CCT = Beau P-3308-CCT


  • 2400 Series:
      • Current rated at 15 amps
      • Voltage: 250VAC
      • Sizes 2 to 12 contacts
      • Polarized to prevent incorrect insertion
      • Used in medium applications
      • Beau equivalent series is 5400
      • Part # Example Cinch S-2404-DB = Beau S-5404-DB

Note:  Beau also made a Series 4400/ 15 amp that can be installed from the back of the panel or chassis. It is compatible with series 2400 and 400 style connectors.

Standard Radio has over 200,000 of these versatile connectors in stock. They are offered in several mounting configurations.  IE: 

  • AB - angle bracket
  • LAB - less angle bracket
  • DB - deep bracket
  • SB - shallow bracket
  • FP - flush plate
  • CCT - cable clamp top
  • CCE - cable clamp end

We are authorized to buy Cinch products, and we can offer both Rohs and Non-Rohs p#’s

Whatever your applications, please call us with your requirements and we will promptly meet your needs.  With over 67yrs of experience we will send you the right part at the right price.

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Supercon Electrical Connectors by Superior Electric- Thursday, May 28, 2015

When you need safe, fast, and positive connections for your panel-board these plugs and receptacles from Superior Electric are engineered to meet your needs.


Socket and pin types are available in ratings of 25, 50,100 and 250amps.  25-100 amp is rated 125-250 VAC or DC current interrupting.  250 amp types are rated 600 V unengerized connect or disconnect use only

Plugs are made with a grip for convenient handling.  Offered in colors red, white, blue, black or green to permit accurate circuit identification.  Cable fastening screws permit a range of cable sizes to be accommodated.  Wiring connections to the same plug can be either soldered or solderless.

Receptacles have color matched caps and bodies.  The plastic parts of the receptacles are molded in the same color.  This allows for accurate circuit identification on both the front and the back of the panel.  Wiring connections are made to a threaded studby wire wraparound, by lug or bus bar connection.

Styles offer include:

  • Socket receptacle    RS25GB   (25 amp / black)
  • Pin Plug                  PP25GB
  • Pin Receptacle        RP25GB
  • Socket                    PlugPS25GB


  • Audio Amplifiers and Speakers
  • Automotive Electronics
  • Test and Measurement Apparatus
  • Patch Panels

 When your requirements require high current panel connections call Standard Radio for great prices and expedited delivery.

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