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High Voltage Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors- Tuesday, April 29, 2014

R&J Components has been in business since 1948 with over 32 million high voltage aluminum electrolytic capacitors. We stock all types and values including:

  • Computer grade: 124,000 in stock
  • Snap mount:  1.4 million+ in stock
  • Radial lead: 30 million+ in stock
  • Axial lead:   1.2 million+ in stock    

We have stock on values up to 600 volts  

We are franchised and with over 100,000 sq ft of inventory we stock many of the popular manufacturers including, Illinois capacitor, Nichicon, Genteq (GE), Meritek, Capacitor Industries, and Xicon

These capacitors have many Applications including:

Computer Grade (screw top) – HVAC, telecommunications, power systems.

Contact us with your requirements, and we will supply you with a quote from Genteq with a great price and any technical support you need.

Snap Mount- high capacitance and voltage in a small form factor. Switching power supplies and UPS. We can offer Nichicon and Illinois Capacitor direct form the factory.

Axialytic and Radialytics - used for filtering in power supplies and audio applications

Nichicon, Illinois capacitor can deliver high quality at a good price.   

If you have an application that requires high reliability we have one of the largest inventories in the world of mil spec 39018 style

All these capacitors are available in temperature ranges from the standard -40 + 85*C and the popular 105*C to the industrial 125*C

If you don’t see what you need please contact us. And we can help find an equal or upgrade to meet you application requirements.

With over 65yrs of experience and over 420,000 line items R&J is the right choice for all your component needs.

Hermetically Sealed Capacitors- Wednesday, December 4, 2013

The term “hermetically sealed” often implies to being airtight or being impervious to air and gas. When a capacitor is hermetically sealed, the dielectric is encased and forms a pseudo-impervious barrier to protect against water vapor, humidity, chemicals and other foreign bodies. There are three common ways to hermetically seal a capacitor:

Wrap & Foil: The capacitor is wrapped in a tight plastic tape and the ends are filled with epoxy in order to form the seal.

            Epoxy Case: The capacitor is encased in a molded plastic shell which is then filled with epoxy.

            Metal Hermetically Sealed: The capacitor is encased in a metal can or tube and filled with epoxy.

The rationale behind hermetically sealing a capacitor is to maintain proper functioning and reliability of the component. In the electronics industry, hermetically sealed capacitors can provide benefits to many applications. In some applications, these types of capacitors are vital. Due to a lower incidence of failure, hermetically sealed capacitors are often found in Aerospace, Industrial and Medical applications. Finally, these capacitors provide increased reliability and are able to withstand a more severe environment; including extreme temperatures and humidity.

King of Capacitors- Tuesday, February 5, 2013

R&J Components, “The King of Capacitors,” has over 1.2 Billion Capacitors in stock and ready to ship. We stock almost every style of capacitor including, but not limited to; AC Motor run/Motor start, Aluminum Electrolytic, Ceramic, Dipped Mica, Film, Glass and Tantalum. R&J Components is franchised for such manufacturers as Arizona Capacitor, GE, Illinois Capacitor and Nichicon. Moreover, we stock well known brands such as AVX, Cornell Dubilier, Kemet and Vishay. Our product specialists are available to search the specifications you are looking for and offer parts that will help you get the job done. As always, R&J Components is interested in saving your company time and money.

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