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High Capacitance High Voltage Tantalum Capacitors- Thursday, January 30, 2014

Foil tantalum capacitors can come in polarized or non-polarized varieties. The foil comes in two styles: etched and plain. These capacitors can be found with operating voltage up to 300 volts and capacitance as high as 580uF (micro Farads.) Foil tantalum capacitors will work in temperatures from -55°C to 85°C and even up to 125°C with a derated voltage.

You can get high capacitance and high voltage in a small case when you use foil tantalum capacitors. When you need high reliability along with high voltage or high capacitance MIL-C-3965 foil tantalum capacitor can be your answer.

To order

CL20/21 = Polarized Etched Foil
CL22/23 = Non- Polarized Etched Foil
CL24/25 = Polarized Etched Foil
CL26/27 = Non- Polarized Etched Foil
CL30/31 = Polarized Etched Foil
CL32/33 = Non- Polarized Etched Foil

The voltage code for MIL-C-3965 capacitors is as follows:
B = 6V
C = 8V
D = 10V
E = 15V
F = 20V
G = 25V
H = 30V
J = 50V
K = 60V
L = 75V
M = 90V
N = 100V
Q = 125V
Z = 200V
O = 250V
X = 300V

At Standard Radio you will find the world’s largest and most diversified inventory of tantalum capacitors including foil tantalum with small size and very stable long life.